My sustained investigation was guided by the medical industry's negative connotations that are worsened by some of the unwelcoming packaging, especially ones used for medical devices. I believe packaging should be simple and easy to understand, because patients don’t need to know much more than that for most products.


Throughout this series, I explore the ways in which the design of the packaging of a product can impact one's emotions and views of the product and its uses. I started all my pieces in Adobe Illustrator, mapping out the design. Thinking about product dimensions was crucial in designing elements of the package for a consumer's view. Initially designing in 2D allowed me to visualize how my designs would wrap around the product and create a seamless composition. Then, taking the design into Adobe Dimension allowed me to create a basic 3D model of the package by adding the flat designs onto the surfaces. I also ensured each package was the correct size and scaled to the product. I created simple designs that illustrate some of the functions of the products while still being easy to understand and visually appealing. I used colors that were eye catching yet sophisticated.