These five pieces focus on questions regarding the definition of time and the fluidity of water and how they work together. I explored how as time moves on, living forms continue to flow and develop. To address these questions, I created pieces to represent the numbers on a clock in the form of roman numerals. In all of my pieces, I used contrast between the bold lines (representing the numerals) and the fluidity of the ink (representing water) to create a juxtaposition between how the two forms do in fact work together, however, in the work they work against each other. My discovery of the significance of time and the imagery of roman numerals occurred later on in my work as I had begun my process with simple organic shapes. Furthermore, the fluidity of the forms in each piece were derived from research I had done on different water forms with various shadows and saturations, allowing me to then interpret these forms abstractly. To create cohesiveness between my pieces, I made sure to continue working with the numerals while using color palettes that compliment each other.