My favorite works of art to create are heavily centered around human emotion and expression. Studying not only anatomy but how to depict emotion through facial features, has been a large part of my artistic growth. Whether I am painting an acrylic portrait, or illustrating a comic book page, I believe that the expression and physicality of my characters are essential in setting the tone and the message of each piece. 

For this AP portfolio, I chose to focus on the relationship between femininity and emotional expression. In these works I featured various motifs that have been historically associated with femininity, and gravitated towards a color scheme that relied heavily on pinks and purples. I explored the different ways that women are depicted in art- icons of beauty, damsels in distress, mysterious nymphs. I decided to go beyond what is traditionally expected in a 2D art portfolio by playing with medium and style.  Because my exploration of femininity was so broad, I wanted to experiment with the different stylistic avenues that an artist could pursue in this type of concentration. By utilizing a wide range of mediums and a multitude of expressions, my portfolio truly expresses the extent to which innate emotions and feminine identity are intertwined.