My concentration revolves around the tropes of the history of art, while also trying to invert what these ideas mean in a modern context. My goal is to take something that has been rooted in our culture and has been stable in our society for centuries and recreate it to fit our contemporary ideas of not only art but our world as a whole. I also want to bring to light the seemingly impossible want to be original in our art. With plagiarism being as easy as Command V Command C, how does one stay original and stray from copying anything from thousands of years of art? This also draws into the idea that the history of art can allow us to better understand and create new art.


When creating my pieces, I take two main things into consideration, lighting and my model. I try to use natural lighting as much as possible, and also try to allow the model to have freedom of their movement. In most, if not all of the images, the model is acting of their own accord, following few pose directions from the photographer. Technically, I also go into photoshop mainly for color correction and vibrancy, with the major exception of “2 Hsiu-Yens” in which i used a great amount of post production to replicate the surrealism as seen in the original “2 Fridas”.