The Intersectionality of Restaurants and Color Theory

Something that is present in the vast majority of my works are food illustrations. While the first few works were just a simple menu design, I realized that there is far more that I can design for a restaurant than just the menu: business cards, wallpapers, etc… I found these food illustrations to be appealing and improve the menu design, however, the illustrations had to be done carefully and not to over-detail them so that it gives something nice to look at rather than staring at pixel for pixel what you are about to eat.

Another question that arose was: How do color choices made in menu design change our view of a restaurant? My first six works were solely menu designs. Color theory can change the entire quality of an art piece, specifically menus. For example, if there are bright neon colors, it is likely not going to be a fancy restaurant, however, the colors can change how you view the quality of the restaurant. In addition to making menus, I also decided to make business cards, wallpapers, etc… However, this does not mean that I had given up making menus altogether. I still made a few menus that I would end up basing the business cards off of.

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