Meditative Moo

Comedy has burrowed itself into today's society and it would be unnatural to reject it. This is the basis of my investigation and I intend to explore how comedy can manifest in art. I started this investigation by looking back at my upbringing and realizing that my favorite people, movies, shows were all those which made me laugh. My childhood was filled with laughter which not only kept me occupied, but also filled my brain with the subjects which I now include in my art. 

Starting this AP class, I knew immediately that I wanted to spread happiness through laughter. I began sketching daily which subsequently honed my skills. However, these skills didn't exactly correspond to visuals but more so corresponded to absurdity. These daily sketches, which had not been intended to turn out to be actual AP art works, got great responses from my peers. I leaned into this absurdity and continued to juxtapose text and image. Realizing the potential that this had, I moved on to adding color which led me to making paintings.