The main focus of my art is the relationship between mental health and school. Depression, anxiety, and identity are pillars that many teens find themselves trapped behind. In highschool, I really struggled with all three and creating art ended up being my therapy. So I found it fit to put the two together for my AP art portfolio. 

During class, It was quite hard for me to stay focused on the tasks at hand, so I ended up doodling a lot on my tests, homework, and notes. And these cartoons became an influential role in my portfolio. As you look at my art you may notice it contains many portraits. This is because I want my art to focus on the characters' emotions and identities. All characters are different, special, and unique, and all face their own problems. Also, the reason many of my portraits are in the style of yearbook photos, is because I hate yearbooks' fake nature and the false narratives they place on the students.

For the materials used, I primarily used pencil, oil pastel,and paint. All besides pencil were quite new to me so it was an amazing opportunity to learn just a small amount of what each material can do. I also used test papers and homeworks as canvases to help emphasize the school aspect to the art.