Happily Distracted

If you know anything about me, you know that I am very easily distracted. I can't seem to keep my focus on one particular thing. Some people like to say that I suffer from ADHD, but I instead am happily distracted. I could dwell on the fact that I can't get through a page of reading without wondering, “Why is it called a fork?” “Who came up with that?” “Why are they considered less dangerous than knives?” Instead, I find content in letting my mind wander and exploring every single possibility.  

Like the chaotic nature of my brain, I also can't seem to stick to one mode of creativity. Every piece in my concentration features a different medium. From fashion design, to photography, to pottery, to full on installation, I let my imagination build on itself. For example, for the prompt Stack, I was inspired to create a structured but playful dress that incorporated stacks of concentric circles for lots of dynamic bounce and movement. However, I couldn't stop there. I let my imagination run wild and began creating a set of separates. But still, I had to keep going. I needed to make accessories for both outfits, so I designed fabric to make gloves and tights. Of course I wasn't done, so I took over the attic of my garage and painted it with the same design I had printed on the fabric I used for the accessories, that were inspired by the outfit, that was inspired by the dress, that was inspired by the phrase Stack. 

Before writing this I was very worried that my pieces did not have a consistent theme. However, in reflecting on my concentration, I realized they are all tied together through my imagination. Each piece inspires the next. Whether it's an abandoned couch I find on the road or a film of homemade windsocks, it doesn't take much for my imagination to run wild.