The Nightmarish Realm of Facing your Fears

The world of dreams is a mysterious and fascinating realm, full of symbols and archetypes that can reveal important insights about our inner selves. Through the use of bold colors and distorted forms, I aim to create a sense of unease and disorientation, mirroring the confusion and fear that can accompany the unknown. Nightmares can be a tool of growth and transformation, as it makes us confront what we fear the most, which can lead to overcoming such fear. The question I pose is how do Nightmares aid us in facing and overcoming our fears? When we face our fears in our dreams, we may be able to gain a new perspective on them, recognizing that they are not as insurmountable as we once thought. Through figures such as trees and monsters in my work, I aim to bring out a sense of curiosity and fear, as do my dreams. The twisted branches of the trees are like gnarled fingers reaching out to grab the viewer, while the monsters lurking in the shadows add an eerie and unsettling feel to the scene. The use of shades of red and black creates a sense of foreboding as if danger is lurking just around the corner. However, despite the ominous tone, a sense of liberation comes from facing one's fears. Through my work, Ireflect that beauty can be even found in one's own nightmares.