During my sustained investigation, I sought to answer the following questions: how can I physicalize idioms? What do strange, esoteric idioms look like when depicted literally? Guided by these questions, I have been able to explore both the physical and figurative interpretations of figures of speech viewed as commonplace in everyday speech. One of the major tools I use to convey this message is animal masks, obscuring the face of the model that I am using and replacing it with something surreal. Through my series of photos, I am seeking to create original works that have a jarring effect on the viewer, removing much of the colloquiality of the idiomatic expression.

In the production of my photos, I seek to leave a strong visual impression, often breaking the fourth wall to address the viewer specifically. Technically, I have been able to utilize Adobe Photoshop to further this intended effect. Through post-production editing, I use proportionality, duplication, and figure isolation to my advantage.