How does nature exist within man-made structures?

In the course of investigating these questions through the photographic medium, I visually examined the beauty and horror of the interactions between the concrete jungle and the context within the wider expanse of the world, and the trade-offs inherent to 21st-century life in the United States. Over time, I developed a methodology for combining images together in Photoshop to achieve the vision I saw in my mind's eye, displacing nature or the man-made from itself by instilling it with the essence of the other. In this unification existed two outcomes: a garish, violent collision, or a harmonic coexistence. I sought to demonstrate how both could occur simultaneously through my alterations with varying color palettes and time of day helping to set the mood of each piece. In this, there is a cautionary tale of the looming dangers of climate change, and humanity trampling everything in its path, but I also want to show another way forward, one in which the two opposites can be reconciled, not fighting but in symbiosis, not intruding on one another, but engaged in willing collaboration.