I began taking photographs, specifically portraits for different reasons, mainly being that I love capturing raw emotion. The experience of connecting with your subject, having them be natural and un-posed, captures something special. It allows the audience to feel the sense of emotion that the subject is portraying. The photographs become so much more interesting to look at, and there's so much more to analyze with real emotion, rather than a forced smile. With my portraits I am able to tell an emotional story through my subject.


I started off my portraits by representing and reflecting a certain topic, which varied from eating disorders to substance abuse. But as I continued trying to make my photographs match a narrative for each shoot, it became difficult and restricting. So instead of focusing on one issue, I decided to open up my photos to just capturing general emotion, with no hidden narrative. That process really helped me achieve a variety of images and let me capture things more naturally and overall helped my photographs turn out more successfully (whether it was through light, angles, or my subject), they felt and looked better overall.