I have explored the question: what kinds of pressures do today’s kids face? In a highly industrialized generation, there is more pressure than ever on children to be perfect. To demonstrate the impact of this pressure, I have created the character of a boy in an oversized suit which remains consistent throughout my pieces. This boy symbolizes a child forced to grow up too fast. Throughout my work, I have composed photographs of this boy as he is confronted with a global pandemic, social media, and more. Although I began my images by pre-planning the scenarios for my subject to confront, I later shifted into more spontaneous imagery. Placing my subject in a suit and capturing his everyday movements allowed me to convey a more candid reality. Additionally, I have experimented with different compositions whether it be the use of diptychs or the addition of news headlines. Ultimately, after exploring various formats and compositions, I began to narrow in on the relationship between text and imagery. Using candid imagery, accompanied with book quotes, I could explore how foreign text related to modern pressures and leave room for viewers to interpret the meaning for themselves.