Throughout my journey in the AP art class, I've embraced materials as the cornerstone of my artistic expression, exclusively employing the dynamic combination of paint and oil pastel in my portfolio. This focus on these mediums creates a cohesive body of work that reflects my unique style and developed color template. My artistic process is a delicate balance between free hand and execution, where each element contributes significantly to the other. I initiate my creative journey by crafting backgrounds with a singular brush, using limited resources to ensure consistency across my pieces. Inspiration flows from music, intertwining the auditory experience with visual creation. The ideas within my art emerge organically from this process, reflecting the "organized chaos" theory that defines my approach. Each piece in my portfolio possesses unique qualities, yet shared patterns, tones, and shapes create a thematic connection. As I've delved deeper into my artistic exploration, a pattern emerges in my recent work: a revisit to previous pieces, layering them with new tones and shapes. This aligns with the focus of my sustained investigation, which centers around the question of process. I believe the culmination of my work is rooted in routine, yet it's the subtle variations within that routine, influenced by factors such as music, emotions, and surroundings, that bring distinctiveness to each piece.