Breaking the Spell of Innocence

My work explores the challenging transition from childhood to adulthood with a focus on the loss of innocence that accompanies this transition. Through exploring emotionally complex themes like innocence, sexuality, love, and loss I attempt to find a balance between the repulsive and attractive in my work. Often the animals and figures in my work represent beauty and innocence however they are juxtaposed against darkness and helplessness. 

There is a range of textures used through intricate pen techniques as well as symbols of frills, bows, and lace to create the feeling of a fairytale environment. I then subvert the traditional fairytale narrative by twisting the images to have a more abject disturbing image. Having my illustrations drawn in black and white emphasizes contrast and highlights the balance between light and dark, innocence and impurity. 

From feelings of confusion and vulnerability to moments of strength and resilience, I hope to create a visceral experience that reflects the complexities of coming of age.