The Irony of the Contemporary Protest

The plethora of opinions in modern social discourse can be overwhelming, with a seemingly endless array of perspectives competing for attention. While this diversity of viewpoints can be valuable, it can also lead to a sense of confusion and muddling that makes it difficult to navigate. This environment can be challenging to engage in productive and respectful conversations, as individuals often feel the need to assert their opinions over that of others. The result is a fragmentation of discourse, with people retreating to their own echo rather than engaging in meaningful dialogue with those who have differing viewpoints. Through my portfolio I try to cut through the noise and provide a platform for reflection and understanding, helping to bridge the gaps between different perspectives.

As important it is to explore the nature of social commentary, to me it is more important for art to hold up a mirror reflecting the trends and dialog present in society at the time. My portfolio aims not to comment but rather show public discourse and its total breakdown in modern society. Within my work I emphasize the use of irony and humor to highlight the absurdity of the situation. Satire is one of the most important tools in pointing out flaws in what otherwise seems to be a perfect situation. This is especially true in contemporary environmentalism where desire outweighs practicality.