My body of work explores the different roles furniture plays in our domestic environment, and in the grand scheme in our lives, when modified to look and feel different compared to their expected look and function. I specifically modified chairs and a door, while fabricating a lamp and table from scratch. By expanding my woodworking and painting skills, I’ve created pieces that purposely draw the viewer’s attention to a specific and certain part of the furniture, accentuated with contrasting colors and wood stains.


I salvaged, restored, and reconstituted a trio of badly damaged, antique wooden chairs. These chairs, while duplicate in form, create an optical illusion where they now appear to be substantially different. They’re no longer just chairs in a room; they’re the focal point. This transformative idea carries on to my lamp and table. Their geometric divisions and colors accentuate planar dimensions, to the point where the lamp and table no longer exist to cast light or hold things but to be admired as art. The triangle uses similar geometric division, but better highlights the importance of pattern and color in drawing attention to smaller pieces of art in a larger setting.