Within my submitted pieces, I strived to invoke a feeling of emptiness by using faded and mundane color palettes with surreal and disproportionate forms. The mysterious and uncommon subject matters of my works invoke more ambiguity than they do provide answers. My selected works include portraits of figures who are characterized as ambitious yet neglected by society. The sense of ambition is represented by the subject matters’ clothing and setting, while the sense of neglect is shown through the lack of emotion in facial expression and claustrophobic spaces. Also, I chose to include different types of eyewear on my figures to portray a theme of vision. I believe that the covered eyes on my subject matters reflect the idea of being hidden or “unseen” by society.

My other works aside from my five selected reflect recurring themes of hermetic spaces and environments. My ideas initially emerged from photography, which moved towards paintings in which I took an objective photo and turned it into a subjective artwork. Within these spaces, I attempted to invoke feelings of loneliness and alienation. I then shifted these spaces towards isolated individuals who shared the same emotions.