My question originated as, how do we determine the border between what is real and what is fake? I explored this question earlier on, and attempted to make scenes look as real as possible by combining both real-life and miniature objects, but in doing so, I found that my scenes did not necessarily look accurate, and I aesthetically enjoyed the more abstract pieces of the scenes that were not actually as distinguishable. So, I began to explore the abstract pieces more and allowed my characters to interact more naturally with whatever surrounded them.


By blending real-life and fictional elements, as well as dissolving a “normal” sense of scale and creating absurd and indescribable situations, I hope to break down a viewer’s sense of rationality and make them consider the shift between the reality of what we are seeing and the story that is being created. I place these miniature people into the real world, and allow them to interact naturally with whatever situation they are being placed in. Although many of these images include childlike types of playfulness, a feeling of unease is consequently exuded, as these people are being somewhat overwhelmed by their surroundings with no control or way out.