Identity Currents

My concentration is about the understanding of identity and what are the characteristics that make someone “unique”. Due to fish living in a diverse environment with different characteristics required for specific needs and survival. Fish are able to represent the complex identities that we as humans both share and that are “unique” to our individual selves. How genetic predispositions, environmental factors, and social dynamics shape identity.  

I found it interesting how fish of the same species would travel in schools and this remind me of how humans are inherently attracted to people they closely resemble and share characteristics with. Initially my focus was primarily on observing the various traits and behaviors exhibited by different fish species. However after a couple of weeks my focus shifted on human interaction with fishes. This required me to go out to fish markets and make discoveries of my own. Such as buying live and dead fish, asking around the market about people’s experiences with fishing and the fish market. As I continued on with the paintings my classmates noticed the theme of pain and suffering conveyed through the fish. How each of my pieces had a cold and depressed feeling to it. This wasn’t my initial intention but through these comments I was able to further my concentration by specifically focusing on the isolation and pain felt through humans personified through fish.

Untitled ArtworkUntitled ArtworkUntitled ArtworkUntitled ArtworkUntitled Artwork