Society and its detrimental effects

As an artist, I see it as my responsibility to bring attention to critical societal issues through my work. My portfolio focuses on society’s impact on teenagers, particularly within my community. Through my paintings with acrylic paint in a pop art style, I aim to spark conversation and reflection on the issues that affect our youth. As a teen, im able to witness these emotions that my artwork focuses on firsthand. 

From social and cultural pressures to the impact of technology and social media, my paintings tell a current and relatable story. One of my favorite pieces focuses on the detrimental effects of social media. It has a blue background with text messages and portrays a girl crying. Through this piece, I am trying to focus on the harm that is done to our mental health through the easy access to communication that is now available.

My first few pieces focused on teens’ pressures to fit a certain beauty standard. I find this extremely detrimental because it leads to immense amounts of insecurities. One of my favorite pieces is a blonde girl portrayed as perfect, although, in a text bubble, it says, “I’m insecure, lol” showing everyone is struggling no matter what one thinks. In my art, I like to include little phrases that I hear around me, such as “lol,” to make it relate more to our culture.