My investigation was centered around the progression of substance abuse. Prior to actually creating pieces, I wanted to emulate my life. From being born, to beginning school, picking up skateboarding, to the drug abuse, and then through recovery. However, I found it difficult to properly portray the theme of progression. So I switched gears and began to focus on the underlying darkness of substance abuse. Which was inspired by the glorification of drug use shown in pop culture. So my sustained investigation question is, "At what point is one's drug use something to be concerned about?"

I began my investigation by trying to show the bright side of drug abuse. The small window of addiction in which things are fun and fresh. I did this in earlier works by using bright colors to portray a positive aura around the characters. I used fire to show how the only harm being done was on those around them. I wanted to show from the users perspective everything is bright. Once I got to later works, things got darker. I did this by experimenting with darker colors. I took the smiles away from my characters. I tried to show emotion through color and facial expression, by making them look dazed.