My work discusses how childhood experiences manifest powerfully through the feeling of loss - loss of innocence and loss of creativity. I wanted to encapsulate this idea through the “loss of art.” I conveyed childhood through creating works inspired by board games. Each game I wanted to craft more abstractly to illustrate the layers of imagination and inventiveness that a childhood lens adds to the activities that we engage in. In such practice, the games at first are representative of childhood fantasy and vision.

Following the documentation of the completed works, I began to deconstruct each game, in both messy and formulated patterns. Through this destruction, I wanted to demonstrate the current state of these childhood traits, as being lost in the past and stripped from us. For some of the games, the deconstruction did not turn out as planned, but I used the disorganization and often highlighted it with pops of color, such as with the sorry pieces which broke in storage, and I repaired with red dyed glue. These additions highlight how childhood leaves profound marks of imperfection and improvement.