Investigating Wonderland

Throughout this year, I explored how disorientation is tied to the feeling of wonder through the lens of the traditional story
Alice in Wonderland. .The framework of this classic story allowed me to borrow motifs which supported my exploration. Much of my work is created using images from my own life, and I have found the images I have gravitated towards most including the sky. The sky is the ultimate source of disorientation that is natural with its immense size, as well as the wonderment that exists because of its many stunning presentations. when figures are included, they are undefined, rendered as being anonymous. They are at the mercy of their environment,while they lack characterization.

My main medium was digital design in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. While the pieces are digital, their composition is painterly, with the use of blurred lines often emulating brush strokes. In other places, the photography is recontextualized in an understated surreal style. I appreciate the freedom of working digitally because I can create anywhere, and I often glean inspiration from my surroundings, and all I need is my laptop.