Beauty is Pain

As a teenager grappling with cancer, I have delved into the human body from a clinical perspective. The extensive hours spent within hospital walls and experiencing a sense of alienation from my peers fueled my desire to explore art as a sanctuary and means to cope. This led to my inquiry into how we reference and interpret the biology of human anatomy in high-fashion garments and jewelry to challenge societal expectations and norms surrounding beauty, and by exploring the bones and muscles of the human form, I can create wearable art that redefines our perceptions of identity and beauty.

My journey explores challenging societal beauty standards through anatomy-inspired fashion and mixed metal jewelry. I experimented with fabric manipulation techniques, using materials like silk and cotton to create garments emphasizing the spine and musculature. Simultaneously, I crafted jewelry from sterling silver and 14k gold fill to highlight the structure of the hand and spine. My process allowed for refinement, driven by my inquiry and personal experience. This exploration resulted in a cohesive portfolio that provokes viewers to question norms and appreciate the beauty of resilience.