For my thesis, I focused on the concept of identity. I believe that all individuals are products of their environments, and with my photographs, I aimed to show that a person’s identity belongs not to them, but to the society that made them.


Identity is a broad topic, so I narrowed my focus to the idea of how femininity and the ego coexist and impact one another. I see the ego as both the way one perceives themself and also as the mask they put on for others. My main source of inspiration has been my research on how the idea of beauty was created.


For each of my shoots, I use my family members as models. I aimed to invoke feelings of discomfort with many of my images, which was made easier by using models that embodied the opposite feeling, comfort. I do my best work with in-camera manipulations, but also love to experiment with photoshop. Using body gesture to portray the relationship between my subjects has been my main focus. While my work originally centered around the domestic relationship between woman and man, it has since evolved to investigate the relationship between woman and self. The body was my vessel to explore the intricacies of both these relationships.