Dimensions of Interaction

As time progresses, so do we. How do humans interact with technology, and how does that technology impact the world around us? I explore that premise through my work, allowing myself to have that same interaction with the technology I use to make the pieces as humans have with the technology around them. If you push over a tower of blocks, you see it happen, but how can we visualize the immediate effect of a message to someone on the other side of the planet? There is an inherent unknown in the way computers distance people from knowing what they are doing.

For my first works, I had a clear vision of what I wanted them to look like. As I moved away from a focus on execution, I allowed myself to fall victim to the functions of the computer. I saw that the interaction between humans and technology also occurred between my art and me. How technology affects us and how we influence its future became more apparent, opening my mind to creating things that don’t yet exist or seem familiar yet unknowable. Most recently, I’ve taken on a more abstract look, representing the malleability of the future and how the ways we connect with the world affect it.