Depths of Discovery

Things change but stay the same, but when it comes to my artwork I want to always be evolving my work and identity.

In my sustained investigation, I chose to discover my thoughts and dive into the depths of my mind. This collection represents my evolution as an artist and how my exploration of different mediums became intertwined with my journey of self-discovery. 

My artistic focus is centered around the aesthetic of ‘glitch art’ as a visual style to create curated digital distortions with a multitude of layers. The first medium I explored was graphic design, which creates a flat image. When combined with spray paint, the background becomes another layer of visual art through its textures and a look that could not be achieved digitally on a flat-screen. The culmination of this investigation incorporated the use of paint to create images with more depth.

Through my multilayered work, I want to share my creative process. As my pieces gained more depth through the use of varied media, at the same time I was also uncovering the complexity that makes up my identity. I discovered that my creative approach is not linear, instead, my mind is exploring multiple dimensions simultaneously. My goal is to recreate my thought process through my work, so the audience may also share in my experience and gain insight into how I purposefully create madness to push my creative limits.

Some days I feel more animated or joyful, which allows me to create an upbeat piece. Other days, when I am angry or depressed, my work will be darker and have a grungy feel. I do not have a set intention when I begin creating work. Instead, my process is informed by my motivations and desires at the moment. Just as when scanning an image of spray paint, I have no control over how the computer interprets it, or when dropping paint on canvas, I have no control over how it moves or soaks into the canvas… it is all a part of my natural process.