Solitary Perspectives

The idea that guided my investigation is the feeling and manifestations of loneliness and emptiness that everyone feels at some point in life to some degree. My goal is to capture that feeling in the form of an image in order to evoke such a feeling from the viewer through a complex and diverse layout of images. I aimed to show emptiness and solitude in a manner that still left room for interpretation but guided the viewer to feel some form of isolation. My work aims to display different iterations of things that could be seen as dull and lonely and amplify its presence in our world and society.

Initially, I knew I was intrigued by light and contrast but it took 3 weeks of shooting to notice a trend in my images: there was a theme of emptiness, loneliness, and solitude, so I went with it. Initially, I frequently staged my images and then I shifted to more natural scenes I would see walking down the street, for example. I started shooting more organically because I felt it was a better depiction of the feeling of emptiness and solitude in the real world. My process included a lot of revision and trial and error.