My investigation began with going through memories. It is then I realized most of the memories that triggered my creative interest surrounded traveling. I began to go back through my photos and  discovered  my favorite places that I have traveled over the years. No matter how far or close the trips were, they all represented a visual of paradise for me; beaches, oceans, lakes, etc. These places all represented different memories to me and I wanted to find a way to capture them in paintings. The use of technique gives the paintings a feel of fleeting moments in time.  I leaned into the theme of nostalgia and memories fading away through the use of different colors and painting techniques to give a sort of nostalgic energy  to the pieces. Once I got further into my work, I wanted to continue to lean into this idea of conveying that when you try to catch something, like trying to capture these memories and lock them up in a painting forever, they seem to melt away. It is this idea of appreciating something beautiful without needing to hold onto it forever because if you try to hold onto it forever, it will fade away. You can see this in the drips in my pieces which almost resembles the painting itself fading.